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Project Organisation and Structure

Bilma Foundation

is the name of the project organisation which initiates the development of non-profit projects in Ethiopia, by preference in coordination with other Dutch Development Organizations.

Bilma Projects

Bilma Projects is the operational name for the organization which helps to develop local projects in Africa.

Both structures will be managed in the person of the project manager, who is also the chairman of the Foundation. He will look for possibilities for local project development, and is advising the board.    Policy decisions and bigger financial decisions are generally discussed in the presence of the full board.

Organisation and registered trade marks in The Netherlands (Residency of the organisation)
• Bilma Foundation (Stichting Bilateral Matters Foundation)
• Bilma Projects

Organisation and registered trade marks in Ethiopia
• Bilma Foundation
• Bilma Projects
In this country the Dutch board is supported and advised by the Ethiopian committee

Bilma Foundation is an organisation conform art. 32 (Dutch tax law), which means that it is officially registered as a non profit organisation with a beneficiary character.