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The Dutch Foundation Bilateral Matters initiates health care projects in southern Ethiopia.
The Foundation therefore cooperates with the SNNP Regional State Health Bureau in Hawassa, the capital of the southern state.

The main goals for the years 2014 - 2017 are:
• Training of midwives from remote areas which will work there after graduation
• Improvement of local maternal health service delivery in the South of Ethiopia

The two goals will be developed into projects and are to be implemented in the next years: the midwife training project (projected to start in 2014), and a project which includes upgrading of small satellite facilities (starting later).

Stichting Bilateral Matters Foundation, together with partner organisation Stichting Adopteer een Vroedvrouw, have started fundraising for the two projects.



Financial support for training of midwives in the SNNPR

Bilma Foundation is going to help with the training of midwives in remote areas of the Southern Nations, Nationalities and People’s Region (SNNPR). In the densely populated northern and eastern parts of the SNNPR a sufficient number of midwives are trained and active. But in the southern and western, remote and scarcely .....

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Cooperation to establish education of young women from remote areas to become a midwife

Since October 2012 Bilma Foundation started to cooperate with the Dutch Foundation ‘Adopt a midwife’. This foundation started already in the year 2009 to train midwives at St.Luke’s hospital in Wolliso, Ethiopia. Our joined target is to train young girls from remote areas to become a midwife and to help reduce the .....

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Interview with the patriarch

Interviews with ecclesiastical leaders about HIV 

Bilma Foundation initiated a project in which ecclesiastical leaders are asked for their opinion in HIV matters and especially in accepting HIV medication. In four separate interviews these .....

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