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The meaning of Bilma

The word Bilma has a multiple meaning.

In the first meaning, the word Bilma is a contraction between two parts (Bi-le and -ma) of the words Bilateral Matters, which reflects in the English language the relation between two countries.
In this case it concerns the relations between the Netherlands and East Africa, while in the Netherlands fundraising is organised and in East Africa the realisation of the projects.
For the time being these projects will be developed in Ethiopia only.

In the Amharic language the meaning of Bilemma is clear: which translated into the motto of the organisation becomes: Let your ideas come true (literally: if it becomes developed) and this reflects the second meaning of the word Bilma.

And than this:
Bilma is a place of roughly 4.000 inhabitants in the country Niger, but this has nothing to do with the meaning of the organisation.